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God Bless USAAll our products are made in the USA!

Purchasing a Concealed T-Shirt2017-07-09T15:46:35-05:00

85166shirtside.jpgWhen you purchase a t-shirt you should purchase a size smaller than you normally wear so that the shoulder straps will fit you tightly. The shoulder straps are made from a 1 inch polypropylene material that does not stretch like the t-shirt does. These straps are sewn to the t-shirt in a figure 8 pattern looping underneath each arm. The holster loop is sewn under the arm where the weight of the holster hangs from the loop and the straps and not weighing down the t-shirt. This helps to support the weight of the gun helping eliminate sidewards pull on the t-shirt collar. If a large shirt fits you loosely in the shoulders then purchase a medium shirt.

Purchasing a Custom made Holster2017-07-09T15:46:35-05:00

Custom HolsterOur holsters are custom made to fit your gun. We have the molds for almost all guns. When you are making your selection in the drop down menu to purchase your concealed carry holster. Please be sure and make all of the selections to get the holster you need. If you do not see your specific gun make or model listed please send us an email before you order and let us know what gun make and model you have that was not listed.

Concealed Carry Custom Holsters2017-07-09T15:46:35-05:00

holster and t-shirtAll of the holsters will fit all of the T-Shirts. Each holster is custom made to fit your gun. You make a selection for your gun in the drop down menu when purchasing the holster. The straps are sewn into the t-shirt in a figure 8 pattern looping under each arm. Then a small strap is sewn to those straps where the holster hooks onto the strap as you see in the picture. A piece of 3 inch wide Velcro is also sewn to the straps. The hook on the holster give a safety feature to keep the holster from coming off the strap and can help to support the weight along with the Velcro.

Holster Adjustment2014-03-08T16:28:30-05:00

Our holsters have four screws with washers that can be removed/added to tighten or loosen the fit of the holster to the gun. You can change the angle of the holster by tightening the bottom screws more than the top and visa-verse.

T-Shirt Pricing2014-03-08T16:29:16-05:00

Our current T-Shirt pricing is $39.99 for one t-shirt or 3 t-shirt for $99.99. We suggest that you only purchase one and then wear it for a few days to make sure it is the size you want. There is no returns on the shirts if you purchase the wrong size and wear it, we cannot resale a shirt that has been worn. After you have made the decision which size you like the best we offer a reduced price for buying the t-shirt three pack.

Custom Holster Pricing2014-03-08T16:51:14-05:00

We sell our custom made t-shirt holster for $39.99. You have the option of purchasing the holster with a t-shirt.

Concealed T-Shirt Sizing

Click here to check out t-shirt sizing chart. Our Custom Carry T-Shirts come in Black or White in small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large & 3X-Large Sizes. It is better to purchase a size that fits you tightly so the straps will fit your shoulders and support the weight of the gun. We suggest you purchase one shirt and wear it for a few days and try it for size to see if maybe you need a larger or smaller size which can make a big difference in comfort. The best gauge to know which size to buy is buy one size smaller than you normally wear.

T-Shirt Custom Holsters

Click here for FAQ's about our custom holsters. Our Custom Made Holsters are made from Black Kydex. These holsters are designed to fit our concealed carry t-shirts. They have a hook at the top that attaches to the loop on the left or right hand side of the t-shirt according to your preferences. There is Velcro on the back of the holster which attaches to the concealed carry t-shirt. When you click one of the links below to purchase a holster you will have selections for the gun you have and for left or right hand.