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Amazing Tools for an Awesome Concealed Carry

  • Easy to pull your gun from the holster when needed;
  • Easy to replace the gun into your holster, in and out in two seconds;
  • Shoulder straps to support the weight of your gun;
  • Shoulder straps help with the sidewards pull of the t shirt collar;
  • Amazing custom made adjustable holster for your specific gun;
  • Great prices for purchasing more than one t shirt for every day wear.

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Our Concealed Carry T-Shirt is the ultimate Carry Combination!

Loaded with awesome features: Custom Holster, advanced shoulder straps; much more!
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Concealed T-Shirt Sizing

Click here to check out t-shirt sizing chart. Our Custom Carry T-Shirts come in Black or White in small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large & 3X-Large Sizes. It is better to purchase a size that fits you tightly so the straps will fit your shoulders and support the weight of the gun. We suggest you purchase one shirt and wear it for a few days and try it for size to see if maybe you need a larger or smaller size which can make a big difference in comfort. The best gauge to know which size to buy is buy one size smaller than you normally wear.

T-Shirt Custom Holsters

Click here for FAQ's about our custom holsters. Our Custom Made Holsters are made from Black Kydex. These holsters are designed to fit our concealed carry t-shirts. They have a hook at the top that attaches to the loop on the left or right hand side of the t-shirt according to your preferences. There is Velcro on the back of the holster which attaches to the concealed carry t-shirt. When you click one of the links below to purchase a holster you will have selections for the gun you have and for left or right hand.